About the Product:

This product helps style your hair, while providing temporary and fantastic hair dye color and coverage

Great product for those who like to change hair colors without damaging your hair – there are 7 colors to choose from and the product washes out easily. No stickiness!!

Made of natural ingredients, no scalp irritation, environmentally friendly and no harm to your health

Professional hair wax matte for men and women, gives all hair types the hold, control, and shine that it needs

Have fun and play with the product to achieve different styles from the comfort of your home. Great for parties and cosplaying! Enjoy!

Product description


Whether you’re going to a fun party or cosplay at your next convention, this product is a fun and great way to test our various hair colors. Not only does it provide temporary color, but it also acts as a great way to style and mold your hair in desired shape. The formula is not sticky at all and washes out easily. Time to shine and stand out!!


1: First clean your hair and dry well.

2: Take a good amount of wax from the bottle onto the palm of your hand. Use your fingers to apply product at the scalp, pulling hairs together. Repeat several times in order to style to desired effect.

3: Apply to a section of hair for highlights or apply the wax on the entire head

4: Washes out easily with just warm water.

Awesome temporary hair color and wax, holds hair in place. Very easy and fun to use. A keeper in your hair product collection.

Perfect for everyday, concerts, parties, events, clubbing, cosplay, raves, and Halloween!